Does your business have high volume ACH Check Processing or Credit Card merchant processing needs, but do not want to get involved with the high cost and risk associated with having to go offshore? If your business operations are based in the U.S. and your project qualifies for high volume ACH and/or credit card merchant account processing,
you can depend on our premier processing gatways for your high volume needs.

Our robust processing gateway offers extensive back office realtime transaction monitoring, customizable reports, full API standard web interface ability, batch processing, re-occuring billing and virtual terminal if needed for Magazine Merchants as well as most other merchant types. ACH, EFT check processing also available. If you're an established business with stable processing history with high volume and your project qualifies for our standard ACH check processing gateway, any required application and setup fees may able to be waived or be taken out of initial funds.

Already have a merchant account that you are satisfied with? Ask about our extensive robust
ACH Check Processing & Billpay
service options for POS retail, MOTO, NET, Banking, Insurance, Municipal, Utility & Corporate businesses.

Once your completed high volume merchant account application has been submitted and has been determined that your project needs can be met, approval of your project can be in as little as 48 hours once all required documents are completed and submitted, and you will be with one of the leading processors and trusted banks in the U.S., with SSL secure real-time merchant control pannel monitoring right from your computer.

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What Can HighVolumeMerchantAccount.Net tm sm
Do For Your Business ?
ACH & Check Processing For Higher Volume / Risk U.S. & International Merchants

Nevada Company

Wyoming Company


  • Low monthly service fees.


  • For MOST Retail, MOTO & Internet Business Applications needing:
    POS / MOTO / INTERNET Credit Card or ACH Processing
    For projects including but not limited to:


  • Online Billpay for Banking, Insurance, Muncipal, Utility, Corporations
    Life Insurance ~ Medical Insurance ~ Identity Theft Insurance
    Most kinds of Online Entertainment Including Streaming Media
    Video And Music On Demand, Online Dating, Adult Content
    Music Downloads, Digital Content Downloads, Software Downloads
    Magazine Merchants processing High Volume Magazine Subscription Sales
    eWallets, Online Health, Herbal & Male Enhancement Supplements
    Cosmetic products, Health Clubs, Wellness Center Clinics
    Fitness Centers, Ladies Fitness Centers, Fitness Franchises
    Circuit Gyms, Tanning Salons, Travel, Infomercials
    Non-profit Organizations & some MLM's, motivational and seminar
    projects including some higher risk merchants that local banks
    would be reluctant to process.


  • Online ACH electronic Check e-Check processing available.
    (Merchants can be based in the U.S. or International)


  • Robust Billpay processing also available for Banking, Insurance, Municipalities and Utility Companies as well as large & smaller companies.

    Why use questionable arrangements or risk questionable brokers or
    offshore processors that might be gone tomorrow (including your money), and who provide little or no crediblity and even less trustworthiness?

    Do it RIGHT, do it LEGALLY and with low discount rates.
    Even if you anticipate monthly volumes over $1mil/mo+ that is ok.
    When your project qualifies, you can process.

    Order Online Today! and one of our administrators
    will follow up on what will be needed to facilitate your order.

    If you consider your processing needs are high risk and need offshore processing, banking or International Business Company (IBC) formation services, please let us know, and we will refer you to a trusted and well established international banking group.


HighVolumeMerchantAccount.Net tm sm . Your source for U.S. high volume merchant account, high risk merchant account, ACH check processing, e-wallet and eWallet merchant account and electronic e-Check processing, e-commerce, debit card & merchant account and accounts processing for most industries including but not limited to: Online Billpay Bill Pay and BillPayer processing, high volume credit card processing, Most kinds of Online Entertainment including Streaming Media, Video and Music On Demand, Online dating, Adult Content, Music Downloads, Digital Content Downloads, Software Downloads, online merchant account, Magazine Subscriptions, health suppliments, herbal suppliments, male enhancement, credit repair, fitness centers, fitness center franchises, ladies fitness centers, circuit gyms, tanning salons, wellness center clinics, health clubs, travel & Resort destinations, infomerchials & motivational speaking conferences, churches, non-profit organizations and some MLM's.

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